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It’s Never About Time!

by / Monday, 24 October 2016 / Published in Our Writers, Penny Votzourakis

Penny Votzourakis for A Peaceful Mind







I hear daily, “I’m so busy, I don’t have time, or I just can’t manage it all because I don’t have time!” These are usually from people who are looking to start up a business.

I call this a cop out! Sorry for being so frank so early. 

It’s never about the time. We have time for the things that are important to us: our favourite show on TV, Google, Facebook, or Instagram, or our favourite game on our devices. We have time for those, but not enough time to do what is important. 

I watch so many people squander away their life’s purpose or their dreams, all in the name of time. They justify it with, “I’m tired. I’ve been at work all day.” Or at home with the kids they say, “I’m now too tired to do anything about working on my business or going to that networking event that may get me that next client. I just don’t have time!”

I guess there isn’t a big enough WHY! 

When you take away all the time you waste sitting on the couch watching TV, or on your commute listening to music instead of doing something that will help you grow, then you are not spending your time effectively. Overwhelming thoughts of fear and doubt set in. Then it all seems easier to stay the same and tell yourself, “I tried, though time just got in the way.” 

Take some time out of your day today to find your why. Go back to the moment when you decided you were going into business or wanted to change your career. How did you feel? What did you see and hear? Take that moment, and write down your why, your purpose, and what life would be like if you made time to achieve your life’s purpose.

Start to look at how you spend your time to see if it is moving you away or closer to your goals. When you come up with that time excuse again, keep your WHY close to you and feel, hear, and see what it would be like to live your life’s purpose.

If it’s not about time, then what is it really about?

Penny Votzourakis ~ Customer Service Guru


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