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Hayley Martin – Nutrition

Hayley is the founder of True Form Health, a boutique nutrition and wellness consultancy providing personalised solutions for your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

In an (activated) nutshell, Hayley is a pineapple, yoga and high bun lover, professional Musical Theatre Performer and Health & Wellness Coach.

She is one of those people that is fortunate enough to do what she loves for a living and believes everyone deserves to do what they love and LOVE what they do.

Her intention is to inspire a renewed perception and action within personal health and wellbeing according to one's bio-individuality.

“I believe it is essential to understand the mind body connection in order to create and sustain a happy, healthy and balanced life.”

Having been involved in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, Hayley discovered early-on that not everyone had the same positive outlook towards food and body image that she was lucky enough to have been raised with. Being in an industry where essentially your body (as well as mind and spirit) IS your business, her interest in nutrition and how overall wellness could have one functioning optimally grew into a second career.

Hayley is passionate about empowering others to discover and develop their own ‘recipe for health’ and through that recipe, absolutely thrive!

Focusing on the mind-body connection and in addition to nutrition, Hayley, together with her clients, explores different aspects of their lives such as, relationships, career and physical activity.

As a Health & Wellness Coach, she assists you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to empower you to make better choices and the necessary changes to reach your full potential and achieve optimal health and wellness.

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