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Helen Treloar – Success Coach


APM Founder and Expert Success Coach Helen Treloar has spent the largest part of her adult life in the space of business leadership. As a Master Coach for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, SME Owners and professionals transitioning into life after a profession, she brings passion, experience and fun to the game of life.

‘Women supporting Women will heal the world’ is her focus through APM. Helen’s one-day experience for women “A Peaceful Mind” is a day to enjoy, as you indulge and peel back the layers of ‘should’, to find the ‘I want’. Keep your eyes peeled for the limited runs of this experience in a city near you.

Best known for her work as an MC and Success Coach, Helen is well connected, experienced, permission based in her style and inclusive in her manner. She brings her experience as a CEO, coach, mother and beyond to every situation and has a base-line commitment to adding value to every situation.

In her APM Expert ‘Success Coach’ Articles, Helen will share, discuss, educate and question all things business and leadership. “We are all leaders, regardless of professional position. How we choose to leverage our influence as a leader is the mark we leave on the world.”



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