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Kirsten Basford – Anti-Marketing

You know when you are passionate about something and all you do is think about it, talk about it and you are constantly craving to learn more about it. It becomes less of a passion and somewhat more of an obsession. That’s me! I’m a nerd.

I love business and I LOVE Marketing, in particular Anti-Marketing and I’ve become pretty good at it.

Three years ago, after working for 18 years in the most glorious (and highly paid) marketing positions for some of the world’s super-brands like Starbucks, 20th Century Fox & Wella, I was a casualty in a corporate takeover and was made redundant.

It was one of the biggest shocks in my career and I didn’t see it coming. All I had done was devote my life to my work, even with a young family. So I went and laid on the beach in Fiji for two weeks with my family, re-connected with them, and it was there that I made a promise that I would take all of my study and my corporate experience and share it with smaller, phenomenally passionate business owners and really make a difference in their lives. I would also not compromise the gift of having this beautiful family. It became my mission to take what I know and to spray it everywhere. That was the gift in what I thought at the time was a tragedy.

For the past three years I have been spraying my knowledge and marketing magic with some of the most creative and passionate business owners across all different industries. Educating, empowering, inspiring and motivating them to take their, already successful businesses, to a level that they never believed possible. Showing them the shortcuts and decoding the formula to get them real results. The stuff that the ‘big guys’ use all the time and breaking it down so that it can be done without having to spend millions; that’s what I do.

I have a loud laugh, I have lots of energy, I like things to move at a fast pace and I thrive on achieving results. I’m a straight talker and I get to the point real quick, but always with lots of love. I won’t ever use buzz words or business language that is fancy. I know my stuff but I’m not super serious, you can still have fun and be in business. In fact business is heaps of fun! I would rather read a new marketing book than Marie Claire, that’s just how I roll. But don’t worry I am usually drinking a glass of champagne whilst reading it.

I love when my clients send me out of the blue messages to say how much of a difference I have made to them. It excites me when I see that all of the plans are coming together and significant changes are being made in the business. Sales are up and stress levels are down. It’s a buzz when clients start talking back the things that I have taught them. They get it. They are empowered to really rock their business to the level that they are destined for. When it comes to marketing businesses, I can say with pride (and a healthy sprinkle of ego) that I have become many business owners secret weapon.

When I’m not working, you can generally find me in the car driving my son to the myriad of sports that he plays with my toddler spilling food throughout my car whilst I’m trying to have a work call. When it’s not about them, I love entertaining and having my friends and family over for long lazy lunches with great food and lots of bubbles or going to markets and seeing the talent of so many people and spending my money on yet another jar of pickles or candle.

I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and have recently moved to the idyllic Mid North Coast of New South Wales on a 13 acre Macadamia Nut farm, just 5 minutes from the beach. I love that I can connect with business owners all around the world, fulfil my mission and purpose whilst living in paradise and giving my kids an amazing experience.

Follow your passion, have fun and make money. Sounds good to me.

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