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Pippa Hanson – A Personal Journey

BIZ_1353I’m Pippa – a successful business owner, a wife and a mother to three.

As a former detective with the Victorian Police Force, a successful business owner and training in business management, I have a pragmatic and systematic approach to running and growing a business.  As a Woman who wears many hats in life, and someone who has experienced the extremes of human behaviour in the work I have done and still do; I am constantly uncovering and evolving my strategies to living a successful life and I am excited to share MY JOURNEY with you on a regular basis here in APM. I have been asked to write from my personal journey through juggling, questioning, exploring and experiencing the highs and lows of purposeful living and I look forward to hearing from YOU along the way.

On my journey from business start-up to a developed health care practice with over 50 staff, there were no short cuts, quick fixes or silver bullets. Throw a young family into the mix and the process of achievement became even more of a juggling act.  But with a positive mindset, great support team and an attitude that there is a solution to any problem, I enjoy the challenges that business ownership and life and growth presents and I love supporting others on their journey.

I love what I do.  I love my team.  I love data.  I love facts and figures. I love community engagement.  I love to turn ideas into realities.  I love solutions.  And I love using my story to inspire, educate and energise others.


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