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Self Love Series Pt1

by / Friday, 06 March 2015 / Published in Lauren Jobson, Our Writers
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Do I Love Myself Enough To Be Grounded?

Lauren Jobson for A Peaceful Mind





Over the next 7 months I will be guiding others to connect, respect and love themselves deeply, in all the different areas of focus that we have in our lives.


In the 10 years of coaching people and 5 years of teaching others to become coaches and educating them on the power of our minds, I have come to observe that most problems, if not all, come down to one very important aspect. And that is how much one has love for themselves.


I have asked many people what self love means to them and here are some of the answers:

Looking after mind, body and soul.

Spending time doing whatever makes you happy.

Respect yourself.

Unconditional love, no matter what!

Believing in yourself.


Sometimes saying no.

Forgiving myself.

Not beating yourself up but laughing at yourself kindly.

Making every effort to like yourself.


These are all really great responses to a concept that can be quite misunderstood.


Self love is not about being not being of service to others, being too self indulged or being pretentious. Rather, self love is such a birth right and preface to how we express ourselves in the world and also too, how we experience our lives. If we don’t have enough self love, it can manifest in many different ways, having detrimental effects in many areas of our lives.


For example; how is your health?

Do you have the most supportive and loving relationships?

How is your financial situation?

How connected do you feel with yourself in ways that you can make great decisions?

Do you set inpiring goals and achieve them?

Are you comfortable to ask for what you need and want, and are you able to receive those gracefully?


Since we all have so many things to focus on in life, different roles to fulfil and areas that can always be improved for living a happier life, let’s focus step by step on one area together, to make sure you can have the life of your dreams!


The order in which I will be sharing with you the area of life for us to focus on, will be structured in a particular way for a beautiful purpose. Let’s start with your foundations, and make sure you are feeling like you are first worthy of all the great things life has to offer you!


Check inside now; How worthy do you believe you are? Do you feel safe and secure no matter what life brings you? Be honest in this now and with this awareness we can progress forward working on feeling grounded in who we are and loving who we are!


So for now, just simply ask yourself; “what does self love mean to me?”


How healthy do you feel your own self love is?


In every cell of your being do you feel worthy to have the life you have always imagined?


Please, with kindness and daily forgiveness of yourself, take note of your honest responses to these questions.


Journal any beliefs that may be blocking you from feeling worthy, safe & secure in being you. In my next post we will explore together how we can build on your worthiness and will look at the relationship you have with your body and your health.


Until then, observe your thoughts, thank them and then forgive any criticism or negativity that might come up. Think of as many positive things as you can about yourself, whilst always being gentle and simply aware.


Feel free to share any blocks or questions you may have around these questions I have asked you to answer.


I’d love to hear from you and I’m very excited to share this self love series with you as we journey together step by step.


All my love & faith in your potential,


Lauren xx


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