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Sunday Soul Food

Every Sunday we will bring you a short piece to shine a spotlight of calm into the craziness that can be life.

Just as we need healthy food to fuel our bodies, so too do we need healthy thoughts to fuel our sense of well being and development.

Feelings of confidence, resilience and happiness begin with a single thought. That thought triggers a chain of thoughts. The feelings and actions that follow, is determined by the direction in which we choose for our mind to journey.

It comes down to that moment of choice, that single moment in time when we become aware of what is going on in our mind and where we are about to take our focus.

At all times, it is not the situation but the manner in which we engage and respond to that situation that will dictate 'what happens next'.

A Peaceful Mind was born after Founder, Helen Treloar, had spent countless hours and 7 years as a Master Coach with high performance Women in business and life, who were drained, lost, bouncing around in uncertainty and feeling completely 'stuck'.

Sunday Soul Food is APM's warm winter soup for your mind - just for you; a reminder of the power you have within you and how to engage with it and bring it to light.

It has been said that the quality of our lives can be determined by the quality of our thoughts. Sunday Soul Food is the mind nutrient boost to set you up for a fabulous week.

Enjoy x

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