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The Power of the Present Moment

by / Thursday, 12 November 2015 / Published in Lauren Jobson, Our Writers

The Power of the Present Moment

Lauren Jobson for A Peaceful Mind






You may have heard before that your power resides in your present moment. But I thought I could give us a timely reminder (pun intended) to have us appreciate, even more deeply, the present moment.


It became very prevalent to me, as I write this from Southern France, that when our thoughts reside in the past or the future we can create some really intense emotions that we then feel we can’t do anything to change them.


Our emotions are intense and we feel powerless to change them because we are literally putting ourselves out of the only moment we can take action in; the present moment.


Our physical body resides only in this present moment while our wonderfully creative minds can time travel to the past as we think of past memories; and to the future where we imagine what we think could happen.


Now, the parts of our mind from where our emotions come from, our unconscious mind, doesn’t actually care to know the difference between what is really happening in the physical world. It just takes anything in our imagination to be real, and hence, we experience very real reactions to our thoughts in our body and through the way we feel.


So, as I was saying, while I was leaving home in Sydney to come on this amazingly exciting & special trip to Southern France, I had some really interesting emotions & reminders of how important it is to stay grounded in the present moment.


Have you travelled yourself, or done something quite beyond your daily routine where there was just so much unknown? It can be so easy, can’t it, to become perhaps overwhelmed in all those future events that we just find our self feeling scared, anxious, nervous, sad to leave or to change, etc…it can be full on! And this is because we are making ourselves feel like we have to solve each and every future event before it even happens – for me it was to make sure I caught every flight, know how to get my hire car, drive on the other side of the road and know my way…it just went on and on.


If you find yourself too far in the future or living in the past, at first you will need to make a conscious effort to bring your awareness to your present situation. Then, with practice of this, it will become more natural for you to trust in the present moment. To trust in each step that you take, you will find the resourcefulness and resources you need with each step of action.


A dear friend of mine says so beautifully: “Stop tripping over your future!”
So instead remember:

  • If you find yourself too much in the past there is probably something to pay attention to and to learn from. So speak to someone about it or journal about your thoughts to gain clarity.
  • If you find yourself future tripping write it all down and make a plan of action for each step of the way.
  • With each step in action that you take, the resources that you need will come to you.
  • The present moment is your only moment of power – you can only take action in this moment, right here, right now.
  • “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Laozi in the Tao Te Ching
  • Crossing the threshold from the known to the unknown is the scariest part but once it’s crossed you will find it was easier than you thought!


All my love and faith in your potential of living in each present moment,

Love your fellow threshold crosser,


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