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To do or not to do….that is the question!

by / Friday, 02 December 2016 / Published in Our Writers, Pippa Hanson

Pippa Hanson for A Peaceful Mind








There have been many books, articles and blogs written on how to succeed in business.  For me business is made up of some key pillars, in no particular order:


  • People
  • Processes/systems
  • Clients
  • Strategy


All of which have some form of planning attached to them.  Sticking to the plan is the key to success!  There may be slight deviations along the way as you can’t always control every aspect, so it is okay to tweak even the best laid plans.  What doesn’t work is when people completely deviate from the plan, always chasing something that looks better, that looks easier, and that looks more exciting! 


Think of it like growing a vegetable garden.  You prepare the soil, put the seeds in, water, feed, nurture and the end result is the beautiful vegetables that you have grown.  This takes time, you know the end result and the steps you have to take to get there.  If you were to get impatient and start turning the soil over while the growing process was still happening you would not end up with vegetables to eat.


Being successful in business or any project for that matter is about knowing what the end result looks like, laying the foundations (the processes, systems, strategy) and nurturing this along the way until you reach that goal.  Nurturing is about people, whether they are clients or employees, it is how you interact with them, induct, train, and support them along every step of their involvement with you.


There is always room for continuous improvement and this should be done where possible.  When you are getting itchy feet about not reaching your goals, remember the objective, be patient, be consistent and follow your plan.

Pippa Hanson
Business Mentor, Advisor, Public Speaker.
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